Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Beach Hut Tuesday - Dungeness

Two very different kinds of beach huts for you today, all on the beach at Dungeness in Kent. First of all two from Squirmelia in the Dungeness flickr pool.And then the marvellous rubber-clad Vista from Simon Conder Associates, winner of the The Stephen Lawrence Prize. (Re)built using timber and spruce plywood as a weekend retreat for two people, the 92 square metre house was originally a 1930s fisherman's hut which was then extended. The rubber is an echo of the more traditional felt and tar of similar buildings. And there's a 1954 Airstream caravan for visitors to stay in.


  1. Before stumbling upon this blog I never thought that sheds could be so strangely appealing.

  2. isn't flickr amazing? Have you seen the thing from TED about how eventually you'll be able to use Flickr to see the entire world? Let me see if I can find the link, just IN CASE: pretty much 99.9999% of people who go on the internet have by now.

  3. Anonymous9:00 AM

    I like the top 2