Friday, June 27, 2008

Around the shedworld

Mary is actually working in her garden office now (above)... Folly Fancier highlight a Dutch folly to rent in Essex... Lifehacker looks at an extreme home office makeover... There's now a Facebook petition asking the BBC to turn Hut 33 into a television series... Judit Bellostes enjoys this inflatable teahouse in Frankfurt (below)...Shedworking and its satellite sites have now topped the 1,000 subscribers mark... Shedblog points out that there's only a week to go to cast your vote for Shed of the Year 2008... Chief Home Officer muses on the perfect pet for the home office worker... and he's off on holiday soon too... Home Office Warrior embodies the social networking scene... Emma has been Enterprise Nationing all over England... Help to support Shedworking by clicking on the button below and making a small pledge

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