Tuesday, June 03, 2008

And the foliage-clad shed belongs to...

Earlier this week a reader asked Shedworking to hunt down a rather special shed which he couldn't locate. The astute James Alexander-Sinclair suggested that it was probably the work of Matthew Wilson (pictured below), until very recently head chap at Harlow Carr and now RHS Head of Gardens Creative Development not to mention hot favourite to be the new presenter of Gardener's World (despite opposition...)Matthew very modestly admitted that the shed did indeed sound like one of his, as he explains:
"The piece your correspondent refers to was a short VT on Gardeners' World last year, filmed at Harlow Carr and featuring a ship lap shed/summerhouse which we clad with logs and gave a fern roof. I wrote a ‘how to’ feature for Gardens Illustrated in the February 2007 issue, showing exactly how to make the roof and (in this case) cladding the shed with stone. There is also a ‘how to’ piece in my book, New Gardening, which was published last September by Mitchell Beazley."


  1. Sigh. Dreamy the first time, dreamy the ninety nineth time.

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  4. Oh Alex, now I look like the world's biggest stalker! I just removed the same post, which got on three times due to my impatience with slow broadband.

    Sigh. I feel like Jon favreau in swingers when he keeps ringing his ex-girlfriend's answering machine to explain why he's left too many messages...