Monday, June 30, 2008

Burd Haward Architects - Green Room

Burd Haward are an interesting and eclectic firm with various attractively intelligent garden office and shedworking atmospheres under their belt, many with a genuinely eco-friendly ethic. Above is their Green Room, a self-assembly pre-fab garden office for a writer. The plan is that plants will grow over the external mesh and camouflage the recessed ply walls and roof, leaving only the windows visible (this project was completed in 2005 so it would be interesting to see it now). Below is Casa-movil in the Spanish Pyrenees, a zero carbon prefab holiday cabin that they claim is entirely self sufficient and thus perfect for remote locations. The whole thing is clad in hinged timber panels that can be closed up for protection and when opened provide decking and shade.And while this is Shedworking and not Extensionworking, I think this Cube Extension in Stoke Newington is a triumph.


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  1. They have some nice looking work, but the Green Room looks like a maintenance nightmare. Any building covered with foliage is going to have moisture and plant-intrusion problems.

    Regards.....Bill Kratz

  2. Interior Doors
    The frame is made of laminated timber beams and columns; external walls are made of timber studs and cladding, superinsulated with recycled newspaper to create an airtight envelope.