Monday, February 07, 2022

Linear Meter Calculator

Today we have a guest post from Mark Burton of Tiny House Cabins.

To some it comes naturally when working out how many linear metres of timber is required for particular project. To others, it’s not so easy. Just getting your head round a relatively easy calculation can become very confusing. 

Simply put, if you had a 1 metre x 1 metre area the square metre area would be 1 square metre. To work out the linear meters in a 1 square metre area would depend on how wide the boards are cut. Assuming the boards needed were 100mm wide, you divide 1000mm by 100mm, which will be 10. So…. At 100mm wide boards in a 1 square meter area you will have 10 linear metres. Pretty easy really, yeah? 

It gets a bit more complicated when you start to use larger areas, different widths, longer lengths and multiplying the total by a given price. For example: The area is 4 metres x 6 metres and you intend using 22cm wide boards at 3 m lengths. Before you start to work it all out or you are not mathematically minded, there is an easier way to get the answer you need by using the Linear Meter Calculator. It will even tell you how many boards you would need and more importantly, if you know the price per linear meter… how much it will all cost? Don’t forget to add 10 or 20% for wastage depending how far apart your fixings are going to be. 

Mark is currently working on a downloadable app to bring his calculator to your mobile but in the meantime you can use it by clicking on the link above.


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