Friday, June 13, 2008

Airstream alert: Tiny Circus on tour

The Tiny Circus is a group of artists, writers and musicians who are spending the summer putting on an amazing spectacle creating a pack of mini airstream trailers from old rundown trailers. When done, these will roll through America, putting on shows as they go, like the old circuses. The group is currently looking for donations to keep going - financial support would obviously be lovely but also food, equipment, good wishes and general interest are also welcome! You can check out the progress on their blog: the performance aspect will be based on "The Histories of the World", histories of love, mistakes, fighting, weightlessness, and other fabulous things. There will be specially designed puppet shows, animations and films performed in as many places as they can afford to get to. The website is at for more information (you can see from the site the type of work already carried out lovingly restoring an airstream by members of the group).

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