Friday, June 06, 2008

Are shepherds' huts the new beach huts?

As reported in the Metro this converted Devon shepherd's hut (which does have nice views and overlooks Croyde beach) plus half a hectare of land is on sale for £200,000. If nobody buys it, then it's up for auction at the end of June.
Via Shedblog


  1. I had to make a shed for me and a treehouse for the kids. Check it out at

  2. Anonymous8:34 PM

    That's not a shepherd's hut - the wheels are set beneath the hut (they would be outside the body of the hut on a genuine shepherd's hut.) It looks like a roadmans living van, to be towed behind a steam engine. Nice hut, and a good story though.

  3. Anonymous1:06 AM

    $200,000! That's crazy!

  4. I've just found this site through "Blogs of Note," and I have to say this is my favorite of several attractive sheds on your blog. Makes me want to buy a shed and maybe, eventually, put up a house behind it.
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  5. Anonymous6:35 AM

    This ones pretty old fashioned but pretty nice though!

  6. I love thos old fashioned sheds! Takes me back to a better time.
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