Thursday, June 12, 2008

Trompe l'oeil shedworking

If you haven't got space for a garden office in your garden, how about faking it a little? Here is The Garden Folly from Virgo's Aussie Garden. Here's how they explain it:
"This is an illusion we created to hide a very bleak new fence at the back of the garden. It is constructed of nothing more than old fence pailings, mirrors and paint... It's meant to look like an old outback cottage, with a pathway leading to the door and its own garden beds, complete with a fushia in an old metal pail and geraniums in the window box. The mirror backed windows reflect the garden adding to the illusion. This picture shows the recently added veranda and pergola which has frangrant, pink climbing roses ("Cecile Brunner") that hopefully will soon cover the structure. There is also now a side gate and a little pathway runs up under the Camillia trees to a secret corner where a cheerful Gnome resides and a large pot of Seaside Daisies cascades with white and yellow flowers. The next addition we are planning to construct is a Billabong opposite the folly with a tiny jetty and a quiet fishing spot for "The Folkoutback"."


  1. Of course you could also do the opposite and have a brick wall at the bottom of the garden looking like an exit or a walled garden but is actually the entrance to your shed. Light could be provided through a transparent roof rather than windows. A friend of mine suggested having a old blue police box surrounded by bushes disguising the entrance to his shed. For some reason it was vetoed by his wife.

  2. I like the sound of that. Very clever.

    Your friend will be interested to know that there is a whole category in Shed of the Year devoted to Tardis sheds. And at least one of them is owned by a woman (in fact she came third in the overall competition last year).