Friday, June 13, 2008

Choosing a shed - Garden2Office (plus exclusive offer)

Mark Ramuz from Surrey-based Garden2Office writes to tell Shedworking readers about his Swedish garden office business.
"Your friggebod coverage was inspiring. As a friggebod importer I suppose I'm bound to say that but there were some great sheds. Here are a few pictures of the sustainable buildings I import. I think we're the only company who can offer potential shedworkers a modular kit that they can put together themselves. We also offer a full install service and a 'get you started' service to help with the trickier bits. All our buildings feature timber triple glazed windows that arrive from the factory fitted into the fully insulated wall units. Our buildings are so well insulated that the same system is used for housebuilding in Scandinavia."
There's a nice gallery of their models herewhich have steel roofs, are built of timber and have various cladding options. "All units are built to Sweden’s highest ‘P-Mark’ standard for rain resistance," says Mark, "and the clever ‘tilt and turn’ mechanism makes the window become tighter as the wind force increases." Mark is also very generously offering Shedworking readers a little incentive - a free heat exchange unit (worth £350) if they buy a building. So mention us if you get in touch.


  1. I am very disappointed to find vey little ultra-feminism in your She-Dworking website.

  2. We had that German Greeer in here the other day saying exactly the same thing.

  3. this is the first time I've clicked through to a shed-selling site from your blog. I think the elegance of all that swedishness might finally crack my will power.

    Perhaps I could store all them books in such a shed?

  4. Books in the shed, plants in the garden - the secret of a happy life.

  5. This company's nice site promotes the modularity of their construction system. That makes it a possible good case-study for a question raised earlier this week, i.e. whether garden sheds are good value for the money, and in particular whether prefab or modular approaches enhance that value. The Garden2Office site, however, does not include any pricing to help us evaluate this question. Does anyone have any pricing info or direct experience erecting one of their units?

    Thanks in advance.....Bill Kratz