Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Is your garden office properly insured?

Insurers Swinton rightly point out since sheds (and by implication garden offices) are becoming like second sitting rooms the value of their contents has mushroomed. As they say:
"The Great British garden shed is just as likely to house a laptop and iPod as a ladder or weed killer and Swinton is advising fathers not to lead insurers up the garden path when it comes to the value of expensive items kept in the shed."
(I think they're advising mothers too...). In their survey of 2,000 men, 30% of them estimated the like-for-like cost of replacing the contents of their garden shed to be over £700, 37% at over £500, 22% at over £1,000 and 6% over £1,500. And naturally they have some top tips for keeping it all safe including:
• Lock away all tools and equipment and ensure your shed is securely locked when not in use
• Use plant protection such as thorny shrubs on border fencing
• Install security lighting which comes on automatically
• Extend your burglar alarm to cover outbuildings and sheds
• Check home contents insurance smallprint to see if it covers the contents of your garden office


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