Monday, June 09, 2008

Pub sheds - National Shed Week voting starts tomorrow

Entries for this year's Shed of the Year competition have now closed and voting is due to start tomorrow. We'll keep you posted here naturally, but the best place for hot off the press updates is of course Shedblog and the site itself so it's worth signing up for their RSS feed or email subscription. Shedblog has been putting together some interesting groups of themed sheds recently including this rather spectacular post on pub sheds (shed pubs?). Here's another example from the site, The Shubb It Inn by Carl, built from scratch for around £400, who says:
"What I now have is an excellent place to chill out and relax, read a book and listen to some music courtesy of the "Bartop Juke box". The kids love playing darts on a Sunday afternoon while drinking their shandy and I've even taken the wife out for drink and she doesn't have to drive home."

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  1. Wow, that's fantastic, just make sure it has air-conditioning and it's perfect!! ;-)