Friday, June 27, 2008

Stenner Pallet Playhouse

The pallet renaissance continues. Jonathan Stenner writes to share the playhouse he built for his children:
"The structure is built out of wood that took from old pallets. The floor is pallets that they use to bolt down large equipment during transit. The interior walls, door, and window are As-Is, damaged, items from the local IKEA. I got the paint and carpet sample free from work. I did buy the roof boards and some extra 2x4s. The roof is covered with rubber desk mats that I found on the side of the road. It is about 95% found material or recycled from trash people put on the street. The coolest part of the whole fort is that the IKEA flooring on the interior wall are nail, splinter, and snag free."
I think this is one of my favourite shedlike atmospheres of 2008. Lots more pictures at his blog.If any other readers have photos or details of a pallet build, please send them in.


  1. and of course share their playhouses for next years Shed of the Year ;)

  2. My kids would love one of these.
    Shame hubby's not so handy with timber. ;)