Monday, June 30, 2008

Nortel report backs working from home

Nortel claim that around 80% of its employees are given the tools to telework and 10% work out of a home office full time. Recently, they listed the benefits as they see them:
* Employees who work from home one day a week save an estimated US $500 a year on fuel costs
* An estimated 15% increase in productivity among teleworkers, with 94% of them reporting 15% to 20% greater productivity
* An 11% increase in satisfaction among teleworkers compared to the overall employee population
* Annual real estate savings of about US $9,000 per full-time teleworker
* Savings of approximately US $22 million per year in real estate costs and associated energy usage
* 18% of employees chose "Flexibility" as the #1 reason they like Nortel
* Based on reduced electricity consumption, Nortel's 2,500 registered teleworkers decrease the company's carbon emissions, by 18,070 metric tonnes per year
Via Chief Home Officer

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  1. Anonymous11:19 AM

    The "reduced electricity consumption" is perhaps a little inaccurate. They may be using less in the office but each teleworker will be using more at home. This home usage may be less efficient as some of the ecommomies of scale for things like lighting will be lost. There will also be an increase in electricity required for communications equipment.
    However the carbon emissions from people travelling will be greatly reduced so overall their shedworkers will be providing a net benifit to the environment.

  2. Notwithstanding the real benefits that Nortel enumerates, their press release on this subject, for my taste, reads a bit too much like a sneaky PR piece for their "Unified Communication solution", finished off with a layer of green sugar-coating.

    Cheers.....Bill Kratz