Friday, August 03, 2018

Annual holidays

The Shedworking staff have awarded themselves a holiday and scarpared off to the seaside for a paddle, a nice sit down in a beach hut, and an ice cream. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Cynan Jones: Shedworker

Author Cynan Jones (The Dig, Cove, The Edge Of The Shoal, BBC National Short Story Award Winner) lives and works in Aberaeron, Wales. He is also a shedworker. Here's how he describes his working environment to electric literature:
"I have a shed. I came home to write from Glasgow where I’d been working for five years as a copywriter. I promised myself I’d come home when I was twenty-eight and give myself two years to write a book. I lived in a shed in my Mum’s garden, which I still work in. I also built a writing room into our house. They are sacrosanct places. No one else goes in them. There’s nothing particular I have to have (other than pens, blank paper and a window) but I am incredibly protective of my writing space."
He also lives in a log cabin which he built himself. Here's what he told the BBC:
"When I am in need of inspiration for my writing, I step out of mother's shed and walk 50 metres to the edge of a cliff where I can be immersed in this extraordinary Cardigan Bay landscape," says Jones."
There's an excellent podcast of him recorded last month talking about "'the square mile' in Welsh culture, the experience of re-telling stories, and the spark that sends him to the writing shed to get a pending novel down on the page" at the Royal Literary Fund site here.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Kudvha makes Wood Awards 2018 shortlist

The excellent Wood Awards which aims 'to recognise, encourage and promote outstanding design, craftsmanship and installation using wood' has announced its 2018 shortlist. Among them is the marvellous wilderness cabin Kudvha, designed by New British Design.

Kudhva means ‘hideout’ in Cornish and these cabins in Tintagel, Cornwall, are the start of a larger project looking at micro architecture. Ideal as an off-grid shedworkingesque office, they each sleep two, are 7m tall, and are made from pine, larch, rubber, steel and glass.

Here's what the judges say about it in the shortlisting:
The Kudhva are a physical manifestation of the client’s approach to natural living. The cabins are made predominately from wood, chosen to act as a lightweight counter to the site’s industrial past. The natural habitat is ecologically rich, therefore the cabins have been designed to touch lightly on the land. The cabins have been designed to be totally off-grid and are temporary structures that can be moved around the site or removed in years to come.
Best of all you can stay in one and here's an account of what it's like.

Kudhva: Installation/Occupation Edit#2 from ben huggins on Vimeo. ------------------------------------------
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