Sunday, June 29, 2008

Shedworking in The Independent on Sunday

I spent a very pleasant morning a few days ago with the Independent on Sunday's wonderful Emma Townshend (pictured above with me outside Shedworking HQ) and the extremely positive photographer Teena Taylor. The results are in a very nice piece today in the IoS.


  1. woot! Good for you. It was a good article, too.

  2. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Congratulations Alex, great article.

  3. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Congratulations on the article, am looking forward to the book too.

  4. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Hi Alex, niece piece. Interesting that allotments were mentioned. I think it would be fantastic if enlightened councils adapted allotments for shedworking. Think about it: All the benefits of shedworking but you still have the journey to work to enforce that life/work separation, but now it's a five minute walk to the allotment and not an hour on the M25. There's actually nothing in the allotment legislation to prevent shedworking as long as it's a side use of the allotment, it would just take a bit of investment in power and telecoms, but even that would pay because shedworkers could afford to contribute to a nice site hut with loo, etc so everyone wins. Bit of a dream I know, but wouldn't it be great if every office worker were to become an allotmenteering shedworker; I'd have to leave my job working on the canals an go back to writing software.

  5. Well done Alex, nice to see sheds getting a mention in other papers apart from the Telegraph.

  6. Alex, are you holding that tree up, or is holding you up?

    great article and nice to get a mention of shed week and me!