Sunday, June 22, 2008

Do women make better shedworkers than men?

That's the suggestion by Lynsey Thomas in The Guardian who argues that "the female of the species is better equipped to work from the comfort of home". Here's what she says:
"The homeworking male seems on the face of it to either thrive or be very quickly killed off. Those that make it through the first difficult weeks tend to be a success, benefiting from the relaxed environment and the ability to achieve a good work-life balance. Those that struggle are the more outgoing types. A lack of company or attention, call it what you will, leads them to become stir crazy. Trips to the local pub in search of lunchtime company can be the undoing of the male homeworker. Women are quite good at self-regulating their feelings and how they affect those around them; men tend to become self-absorbed and may not notice changes in their behaviour or work pattern."
And her overall conclusion is that a female boss best suits a male homeworker. I'd be very interested to hear what Shedworking's readers think...

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  1. Anonymous7:17 PM

    I don't think I agree with her. Although I don't have a shed, I do work at home, and have done so all year.

    This is mainly because I moved to Stockholm in April of last year. I started out commuting back and forth to Copenhagen (where our office is), but after the birth of my daughter in September - I've been in Stockholm nearly constantly.

    The co-owner of my company (the other boss) became ill in November, and has also worked from home, and we've gotten through the year with any major hiccups.

    iChat is definitely the major reason for this, that; and we both have families of 2-3 children. In that aspect it's been very handy to be a work at home dad. The kids don't miss you as much, and keeping an eye on them paces you and your work. There isn't much time to obsess, and there's always a wife around to pat us on the back when we do a good job.

    That all might not sound very manly - but it DOES work;)

    I also get the feeling my wife gets more cabin fever than I do...