Monday, June 23, 2008

Jan Stradtmann at Manor Garden allotments

As regular Shedworking readers will know, the Manor Garden Allotments in London have been taken from their allotmenteers and bulldozed to make way for Olympic preparations. Jan Stradtmann got there just before the sheds were removed and took a series of marvellously dark shots. Here's what he says:
"As I entered the allotments for the first time with knowledge of the tennants’ planned eviction, it felt like I was entering a crime scene. Photographing the huts shortly before their elimination transformed them into symbols of an injustice to come."
Via and The Photographers' Gallery


  1. Alex, you and Jan should get together to print, frame and market these gems. They are very nice....almost haunting.

    Cheers....Bill Kratz

  2. Yes, they're lovely. A bit spooky though?