Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bathhouse as garden office?

The closest I get to a bath in my garden office is at the end of the day when it's raining and I walk my 30ft commute back home. JA Ratto has two rather fine Seattle bathhouses which open up a whole new raft of shedworking possibilities. Above and below is a 9ft-wide structure with a deliberately cottagey feel and a Japanese bath inside, Japanese-style cedar privacy screens and outdoor seating area.Below is a 10 by 12 foot brick bathhouse with fir beams and deep soaking slate tile bath tub with built-in benches. Is this the future of shedworking and garden offices? I rather hope so.Lovely photos by Laurie Black and Alex Hayden. A Bill Kratz spot.

1 comment:

  1. Those are so luxurious!
    Found this on the Blogs of Note area today. I never would've really thought so much about sheds or really how wonderful they could be. So thank you :) You made me want a shed :)

    But my! These two and that Fern House. Lovely.
    Keep blogging!