Monday, June 23, 2008

S.H.E.D your life

"It seems we need to S.H.E.D. That’s Julie’s acronym for Separate the treasures (What is truly worth hanging on to?), Heave the trash (What’s weighing you down?), Embrace your identity (Who are you without all your stuff?), and Drive yourself forward (Which direction connects to your genuine self?). Julie’s taken the whole “clean and declutter” out of organizing and placed it in the self-help arena (I see a speaking tour on deck). “When you’re eager to make a change in your life, but you are unsure of your new destination, you need to SHED,” she writes. It’s about purging “the physical and behavioral clutter holding you back so you can finally create real change in your life.” The words “defunct,” “obsolete” and “obligations” were bantied about, juxtoposed with “richer” and “more meaningful.”"
Chief Home Officer.


  1. dude, I thought in your new incarnation you were gonna give us like amazon links to buy this kind of thing. This is exactly the kind of book I have 2000 of in my house which is one of the reasons it's too full up.

  2. Oh, disappointing I just realised (after going to amazon) that I already read one of her books and I didn't like it so I already S.H.E.D. it.

    She has another book about time management called Never Check Your Emails In the Morning.
    Like that's gonna catch on!

  3. Damn, I'm never going to be a millionaire by Christmas at this rate. I've added a link now...