Monday, June 23, 2008

Choosing a shed - Glassbox

We mentioned Peterborough-based Glassbox in passing recently but it's worthy of more than six words. As you can see, there's lots of glass but other nice features include frameless rooflights, attractive louvres, sliding folding doors and a privacy screen which extends out onto the deck. Options include underfloor heating and remote controlled light dimmers. Glassbox proudly trump their eco qualities, especially their thermally wonderful glazing and passive solar gain, as well as the usual managed timber sources, recyclable materials, etc.


  1. Let me preface this comment by saying that I really like the look of the Glassbox product. That being said, their website raises a couple of issues in my mind.

    1) The site states that pricing starts at 18,000 Pounds plus VAT. The smallest Glassbox plan seems to be 3.3m x 3.3m, or 10.89 sq m (117 sq ft). This puts the cost per square meter of this little Glassbox at something above 1,650 Pounds/sq m (~= $302/sq ft). At least by American standards, this puts the cost well into the area of custom (bespoke) projects. So the question is...what benefits does the customer accrue by purchasing a Glassbox rather than contracting for a customized design?

    2) Alex is correct that they "proudly trump their eco qualities." While some of their claims (especially the "usual" ones) are probably good ones, a few others seem to slip into the category of "greenwashing" (a great new term coined by the publishers of an interesting site on the subject at ). For example, the Glassbox site says, "you will be investing in not only your home but in the future of our planet." Huh? Just how does purchasing a Glassbox bring returns for the future of our planet? Perhaps an argument could be made that a Glassbox is a better eco choice than some other structure, but either way resources are being used, not saved or "producing earnings on an investment." I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with purchasing a Glassbox (or any other shed, addition, extension...) or with consuming the resources necessary to produce that structure. I'm just pointing out that the hyperbole of their claims may not reflect the same honesty and minimalism that their design aesthetic reveals.

    Okay, I'll step off the soapbox and let someone else take a turn (hopefully someone from Glassbox will chime in).

    Best Regards.....Bill Kratz

  2. not sure posting on this so late will have the desired effect, but was hoping to revive the debate on the glassbox as i am seriously considering one but cant find any independent reviews of their system as i need quite some convincing to pay these steep costs!

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