Wednesday, June 25, 2008

National Siesta Day

Today is the third National Siesta Day (for more details go to the organisers, Siesta Awareness). Shedworking is a big fan of siestas and let's have no sniggers or sarcasm about slacking off. Siestas in fact boost productivity (so if you work from home and you have a siesta you're probably working fit to burst), improves your health and appearance, reduces stress, prevents accidents and is generally a nice thing to do.

Still not convinced? Well take a look at this great piece in the Financial Times by Rhymer Rigby who writes:
"At its Geneva offices, Procter & Gamble, the consumer products group, has three EnergyPods [pictured above], which resemble loungers with a space-age half-dome wrapped over the headrest, made by a company called Metronaps. "The pods are designed to provide users with a quick recharge that can help maximise the rejuvenating effects of a brief nap," Metronaps says. "This, in turn, helps users do more with their day from both a professional and personal point of view." The pods have proved very popular, especially with sleep-deprived employees such as those with young children and frequent business travellers."
. So take a short nap today and let us know how felt.

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