Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Insitebuilders - The NEST

Insitebuiilders is a small press specialising in publications for the design and construction industry with all profits donated to house the poor and disadvantaged. One of their major projects is the NEST (picture above) which they describe as a research tool to explore a variety of construction communication and documentation techniques, including interactive 3D models. Here's how they describe it:
"The NEST itself is designed to be deconstructible, relocatable, reconfigurable, and sustainable. It looks like a shed or little cottage, but is designed to be highly self sustaining -- a sanctuary. The little house is fully engineered and constructed using a number of details taken from commercial steel frame construction. It meets or exceeds all UBC and BOCA building code requirements including wind load and earthquake requirements. Important is that use of the NEST as permanent housing unit may be restricted by planning codes in certain jurisdictions."
They also have a really good resources page covering other websites, books and magazines.

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