Friday, June 13, 2008

Around the shedworld

The Washington Post says new legislation would make it easier for home businesses in the US to deduct home office expenses by offering a $1,500 standard deduction to eligible taxpayers... Judit Bellostes looks at a lovely observation deck in Pinohuacho (above)... The Soft House (below) uses curtains to harvest solar energy - is this the new green look for garden offices in 2009?...Kits and Mortar enjoy a 360 degree tour of the awardwinning Black Sheep House... Elspeth Thompson's converted railway carriage is coming along very nicely indeed (below)...Enteprise Nation thinks homeworkers need to drink more tea... The Green Workplace wonders how the workplace of the future will look... Computer Weekly warns RSI incidence is rising because of mobile working... Shed Style has been talking about sheds on the Martha Stewart Show... Chief Home Officer is celebrating National Work @ Home Father’s Day... Voting for Shed of the Year is in full swing...

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  1. Alex -- Thanks for reminding me about Judit's elegant blog.

    Cheers.....Bill Kratz