Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Very big beach hut advent calendar

BEYOND is an organisation in the Brighton area which offers an opportunity for people to explore spirituality through a variety of creative approaches. And their latest approach is very shedworkinglike, The Advent Beach Hut Calendar. Here's what they say:
"All along the Hove seafront from the border with Brighton up to the Hove Lagoon there are some 440 beach huts and it occurred to us a year ago that opening their doors was rather like opening the doors on an advent calendar to reveal a piece of chocolate and a suprise picture. We've been able to recruit beach hut owners who are prepared to open their hut for an hour between 5.30pm and 6.30pm at some point during the month and to create a display themed around a Christmas Carol. Some hut owners who weren't able to do a display have been teamed up with local artists and a theatre company who are going to put on something on their behalf."
Check back to their blog for regular updates (which we'll also bring you here on Shedworking in the advent runup to Christmas Day).
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