Monday, November 10, 2008

Homestead Timber Buildings - time lapse slide show

Shedworking and The Shed magazine are both produced in a Homestead Timber Buildings Marlow model (though they've been adapted slightly since it was installed here) so it's always interesting for the staff to see other Homestead builds. Luckily, Friend of Shedworking Liz Bennett not only lives just around the corner (young master Shedworking is in the same class as young master Bennett) and not only had one recently installed, but also photographed the construction process and then added it to a web site she made herself for the builders who put it together. The time lapse slideshow is here, showing the summerhouse/garden office which was supplied in sections by Homestead Timber Buildings then constructed by Vaughan Taylor Landscapes who also did the concrete base, retaining wall, stone patio, guttering, trellis and landscaping.

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