Monday, November 10, 2008

Flexible (shed)working: the comeback kid

A nice piece by Stephanie Sparrow at Personnel where she says that "flexible working is making a comeback – driven by the impending recession and government enthusiasm for the concept". She also poses the question, will any of us actually go into the office to work in 20 years' time or will we all be working remotely? Among those she talks to is Peter Thomson, director of the Future Work Forum at Henley Management School:
"[He] anticipates that within the next two decades, the office will evolve into a central rendezvous, based around meeting rooms and casual meeting space. The rest of our working time will be spent with clients or working on the move. "There's no magic rule that says knowledge work has to be done in an office," Thomson says.
I particularly like the article's highlighting of the use of the term'flexibods' to cover people who work in third places or coworking surroundings (and I assume garden offices. It's quite a long article but nicely put together and features interesting case studies. Well worth a browse.

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