Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mini Mart City Park

The Mini Mart City Park is an intriguing project with a very shedworkinglike element at its heart. The organisers plan to "design, construct, plant and maintain a public green space and botanical conservatory in the former Perovich Bros. Gas Station in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle" as an artistic, architectural and green statement. The park and gas station will be restored and will feature "refrigerated display cases converted to climate-controlled environments, simulating tropical, temperate and arid ecosystems" while the rest of the park will have a nice path, trees, fountains and park benches. Free to the public, the intention is to make it both permanent and a prototype for the regeneration of the 200,000 other abandoned gas stations across the country. As the organisers say:
"We view this project as a creative means to address issues like energy, waste, and environmental stewardship; tensions between open space and development, notions of public versus private land, and art and the community."
Via Thriving too and WorldChanging

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