Monday, November 24, 2008

SIPs - a greener garden office

There are many ways to build a garden office, but SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) are starting to catch on among several suppliers, not least because of their high insulation properties. However there has always been a catch as Lloyd Alter at Treehugger notes:
"SIPs are usually known as a sandwich of OSB board and styrofoam, all glued together to make a structural panel. While they make a very well-insulated, tight wall and are fast, I have worried about their longevity and would have preferred to use a less petroleum-intensive insulation than styrofoam."
Agriboard, who exhibited at Greenbuild this year, has come up with a solution using wheat and rice which is still pretty impressive in building terms while also being carbon negative. More details at Lloyd's post and at Agriboard's own site. For garden office suppliers out there particularly keen to emphasise their green credentials, this is well worth looking into (see the storm shelter pictured above from Agriboard's site as an example of what can be done).

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