Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tokyo company's 'green garden office' experiment

Office supplies specialist Kokuyo opened a "garden office" on the rooftop of its headquarters in Tokyo today to reduce electricity consumption and carbon dioxide emissions: the company aims to reduce emissions by 56 tons a year, of which 10 per cent will come via its garden office. But that's not all. The company believes it will also improve efficiency. Kokuyo President Akihiro Kuroda said: "Workers can work more efficiently in a natural environment. I hope it will lead to changes in employees' mentality."

140 employees are expected to work in the garden office - which has full electrics and a wireless LAN network - for 90 days a year. The pleasant surroundings include newly-planted trees and a pond (which will help with heat in the summer as well moveable eaves-like solar panels). Workers will be allowed to work indoor when it rains but during winter they will still be expected to work in the garden office, using blankets to stay warm.
Via Mainichi Daily News

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