Friday, November 28, 2008

Can shedworking save the planet?

A new report for the Smith Institute and the Live Work Network shows how shedworking - and homeworking in general - cuts carbon emmissions.Can homeworking save the planet? How homes can become workspace in a low carbon economy is edited by Tim Dwelly and Andy lake of the Live Work Network and includes the thoughts of leading world experts (including World Wildlife Fund policy adviser Denis Pamlin and BT head of policy Caroline Waters) on the environmental impact of the shift to homeworking and live/work property. The report includes a comparison of carbon emissions by home workers and office workers as well as ways in which employers can benefit from a shift to shed/homeworking. Tim Dwelly said:
"This brings home the critical importance of live/work and home-based business to the future low carbon economy. We simply cannot go on assuming that commuting between separate homes and workspaces will remain the norm. We are no longer in the industrial era. With over 40% of all UK businesses now home-based and numbers likely to rise in the downturn, it is time for policymakers to urgently review their approach to employment and business and recognise the potential contribution of the live/work part of the UK economy."
You can download the full 115-page report here.

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