Thursday, November 13, 2008

Peter Gray: shedworker

Australian artist Peter Gray is an artist in Castlemaine, Victoria, and has built three sheds at his home, each one using recycled materials designed to match his main home which is an 1860s miner's cottage. The first shed is an office, another is a gallery exhibiting his work in rusty wire, and the third is where he produces his work, measuring 7m x 12m. Here's how he describes it:
"At our previous home, near Daylesford, we worked in an open tractor shed which was freezing. This shed is insulated, it's lined with timber, it's warm and everything is in its place - it's exactly the way we want it. The shed has developed over the years to where it is today. It has doubled in size since I first built it. It's always changing.""
Via Weekly Times where there are lots more photos of Peter's work


  1. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Just a quick thank you. I'm fortunate enough to live on an acre in an overbuilt city. You guys are helping along with my grand design, and validating that I've been correct in my thinking. ;) C.

  2. Glad we're helping in some small way (I say 'we', there aren't that many people on staff here at Shedworking...).

  3. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Alex, we can't believe you'd try and take all the credit like that. We feel undervalued.
    Your loyal workers

  4. How lucky that guy is to be able to grow bird of paradise plants outside his shed! What a beautiful picture! Oh if only Australia wasn't quite so far away... (as Captain Cook once said)

  5. Memo: To all postroom staff:

    Due to the current trading downturns, the Chief Executive regrets to inform you that you're all sacked with immediate effect. A member of security - or maybe a small boy if he'll stop kicking his football against the shed wall - will accompany you out of the building with your postroom bits and bobs.

    Merry Christmas.

  6. Emma, they do look like bird of paradise plants don't they, but actually they're all made out of rusty metal. Amazing, eh?