Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ramada: wallless shedworking

Debra Prinzing at Shed Style has added 'Ramada' to her Shed Glossary. What do you think? Could you work in a shedlike atmosphere in Tuscon, Arizona, photographed by Scott Calhoun?


  1. I just read a book set in India called "the Marriage Bureau for Rich people" where the entire marriage bureau is kept out on the verandah, filing cabinets and all. In my imagination it looked a lot like this one!

  2. I like. Very stylish. Very Southwestern.

    In parts of the desert Southwest (I'm thinking of the Chaco Canyon National Monument near the AZ/NM border), the picnic sheds don't have roofs -- they have vertical walls. Because the issue is not rain or even sun, but the constant wind. This has that feel.