Saturday, November 15, 2008

Purple Blogfish

Cheltenham-based Purple Dogfish is a web design, development, marketing and print company. They also recently moved out of 'traditional' offices into a garden office, built by The Garden Escape. Here's what joint owner Rachael Wyatt says about the move to shedworking:
"We took the decision a few months ago to move Purple Dogfish Towers closer to home. In fact about 10 metres away from home. Why? Well we realised that we were spending far too much time at the office and not finding any time to do the important things like eat properly, exercise and catch up with friends. We also realised how much clutter we’d acquired and wanted to move towards a paper free office.

"After a mooch around at our options, and a lot of inspiration from Shedworking we settled on a contemporary new office building from The Garden Escape. When we moved here there was about a tonne of gravel next to the house – which we had to move to the top of the garden when we had the decking done (and thanks to Tim who not only put the decking together but also discovered that the back wall was floating and needed underpinning). Of course the new office was due to be built at the top of the garden meaning we had to move the gravel again – to the middle of the garden.

"The team from The Garden Escape turned up – assembled the office, plastered it, painted it, wired it and did a superb job – a really friendly team and hugely professional – we highly recommend them. All that was left for us to do was move in and then… move the gravel again. Already we can see the huge difference it’s made to our working day."


  1. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Lovely piece. And great to see another business realising the benefits of moving home. Go, go, Purple Dogfish!

  2. Have a look at other posts on their blog and you'll see I've inadvertently got them in a telecoms tangle... They do seem very nice people indeed.

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