Sunday, November 09, 2008

Shedworking in style

A nice piece in The Sunday Times by Katrina Burroughs looks at kitting out your garden office in style (although why does she have to spoil it by repeating the tired cliché that for homeworkers "acceptable professional dress includes pyjamas"?). Here's a snippet:
"Michael d’Souza, the founder of the interiors store and design service Mufti, has been giving home offices serious thought for seven years, driven by his own unusual work patterns. “I know from my work, dealing with craftsmen and suppliers in India, Argentina and Jakarta, that people do business 24 hours a day. I get a lot done before eight in the morning, so it’s important to me to have a comfortable environment.” D’Souza’s prescription for a serene work-space for the prebreakfast hours is to include plenty of tactile materials such as leather."
Pictured is one of her picks, Jennifer Newman's all-welded aluminium Studio Trolley: Storage for Creative Workplaces - it's designed for designers and artists who need to have their materials nearby, is mounted on castors and comes open-ended or with a padlocked door.

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  1. yeah what is it about people going on and ON about working in pjamas? I honestly can't imagine anything worse than having to work in pjamas. Ugh.