Wednesday, November 12, 2008

231% increase in searches for garden sheds

According to, a 12 month study by Thomson Local reveals that there has been a spectacular 231% increase in searches on for garden sheds (followed by garden design with 182%, and garden centres/nurseries with 159%). Thomson Local product and marketing director Gary Brown, is quoted as saying:
"The increase in demand for home improvement services in a relatively short space of time is a simple reflection of the fact that less people are moving house due to the current economic uncertainty."
Via Shedblog

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  1. In the UK there is a rich culture of allotment gardens; no doubt because of the weather, there is also a culture garden sheds, where one can warm up a bit or get out of the rain. There is one thing that almost all homeowners have in common and that is that all are looking for some kind of storage space from time to time.
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