Sunday, November 02, 2008

Emergency Response Studio

Artist Paul Villinski's Emergency Response Studio is a mobile, solar-powered artist's studio built using an old trailer and aiming to highlight the possibilities of off-grid living and shedworking as well as provide artists with something useable in post-disaster settings. The mobile office is entirely powered by a 1.6 kilowatt photo-voltaic solar system and nine large solar panels. It also has a large wall which turns into a deck plus a large geodesic skylight in the workspace. There are lots more green elements e.g. recycled denim insulation (lots more details on the site). The Emergency Response Studio will be on display until January 18 across New Orleans.Via Treehugger

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  1. The roof's blown off the house, the car's in the next state, we don't have running water or electricity but never mind - the artist is here - we're OK now!

    Sometimes I just come over all Daily Mail - sorry!

    Andy Bantock