Thursday, November 06, 2008

Shedworking: A commonplace book

Commonplace books were once very popular but they have gone out of fashion now. In some senses they have been replaced by blogs and some platforms like Tumblr seem to have been designed to provide online alternatives. I've been wondering how to make Shedworking more interactive so that you the reader can play a more interactive part in the fun and as I mentioned last month, to that end I've set up a Shedworking community on reddit (a bit of it is pictured above).

The idea is that anybody can join up and post links to items they think are of interest (I've put up a couple from Shedworking as an example but really they ought to be from other sites). Any links you like you can 'vote' for and any you think stink you can vote down. The beauty is that it's a little like a wiki in that anybody can take part and the result is a communal online commonplace 'book'. Please do join up - it's free - or click on the reddit widget in the righthand sidebar which will take you straight there.

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