Tuesday, November 04, 2008

All the Presidents' Sheds

I've been trying to think how I can get some kind of garden office/shed story out of the US Presidential elections today. I've failed, so have thrown it open to anybody who wants to make a comment. Here's the first suggestion from an anonymous friend of Shedworking:
"What type of shed is the personification of a past president or current candidate? For example, Sarah P would some kind of hideaway or camouflaged shed used by moose hunters, W could be an outhouse on a Texas ranch, Biden something relevant to an old folks home, Mac would be relevant to Vietnam (maybe the underwater bamboo unit where De Niro and Walken were kept in the Deer Hunter) and Barack would maybe be some type of slick garden office prefab."
Your comments please...
Photo of Greg's The White Shed via readersheds.co.uk


  1. Since Obama was raised largely in the island paradise of Hawaii, maybe some kind of exotic tiki hut with a palm leaf roof and so on...

  2. Biden and "old folks" ?

  3. #white salamander maybe this one



  4. uncle wilco - perfeclty chosen