Thursday, November 27, 2008

The science of shedworking

The organisers of the world's shortest physics lectures at the Highland Science Festival (you'll remember they took place in a shed) have posed some interesting questions (I particularly like the Einstein theory):
Have famous physicists had their own sheds? And could these have influenced their work?

Did Newton sit in an apple shed, absently picking up some of them and dropping them on the floor?

Did Einstein find the space in his shed shrinking and the time going by more slowly – or the other way round?

Did Schrödinger's cat come from Schrödinger's shed?

And was Heisenberg uncertain about whether he had a shed or not?

Or could a Shed be the ultimate unit of matter?

One shed = the amount of stuff that one man can accumulate in ten years of marriage.

Indeed, could it be that we will soon see strings going out? – and sheds coming in!

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