Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kapsel: create a garden office atmosphere in your office

Another one of those 'sheds within the office' possibilities, this time from Kapsel. They call it an "adaptable environment" (i.e. a shedlike atmosphere) which aims to stimulate the senses and "create an oasis of calm and relaxation in a busy office" using soothing sounds and aromas to "create a tranquil space to recharge and re-focus employees". It's completely customisable using tubular frames. They're certainly very excited about it, going on to say: "High impact multi-sensory environments can elevate brainstorming sessions to a higher level. By integrating full color graphics, light, sound and scent, the audience is totally immersed, creating a unique memorable experience." Rather like shedworking.
Via the really rather wonderful workalicious

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