Friday, November 14, 2008

Become a shedworker, save £2,000 a year

That's the upshot of new research by Microsoft as reported at Macworld by Carrie-Ann Skinner. They estimate commuting and lunch comes to £2,000 for an average 48-week working year and that by working from home only one day a week, UK workers could save more than £500. James McCarthy, mobility expert at Microsoft UK, said:
"With technology making it relatively easy to work away from the office, surely it's time to change our national fixation with the nine-to-five mentality? Flexible working can help employers and employees save money and ensure companies are in good shape to succeed whatever the future holds."
WitanJardine also points out that equalities minister Harriet Harman said earlier this week that proposals to extend the right to ask for flexible working arrangements to parents with children under 16 would go ahead, despite opposition from MPs who believe that the policies should be shelved in light of the impending recession.
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