Monday, November 17, 2008

Tiny House Blog Week - A Tiny House in Australia

Every so often Shedworking likes a site or a body of work so much that we devote an entire week to their output. Next up for the Week treatment is one of our favourite sites Tiny House Blog run by Kent Griswold whose goal is "to discover the different options available for a person looking to down size into a tiny house or cabin" He looks at different types of construction from logs to yurts, and from modern to unusual, plus includes book reviews, and posts on 'alternative' energy for heat and electricity. Although it's largely aimed at the residential market, most (if not all) of the models examined are extremely shedlike in their conception. All in all, it's a great read and should be on your RSS feed.

Each day this week we'll direct you to a different post on his site, today's is A Tiny House in Australia built and owned by David Bell from Birchip, Victoria, whose home has a total floor area of less than 10sq metres (partly to avoid planning permission problems). But it packs in a mezzanine level, bedroom, kitchenette, solar panel to power lights, radio and mobile phone. Here's what David says:
"The credit crunch matters little to me. I live like a free man in a tiny house which I built with my own hands and which costs nothing in terms of bills (electricity, water etc). My inspiration for this way of life was Henry David Thoreau who in his classic book “Walden” pointed out how senseless is the life that is burdened by large houses, and large debts, and has little time to appreciate the natural world that is all around us.
A tiny house is the first step to escaping the charge that “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”."
Lots more photos at Kent's site including interiors inspired by Frida Kahlo which I love.


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