Thursday, November 06, 2008

Cabin Living - Oxford garden office

While it's nice to see garden offices fully completed, it's also good to see how they are put together, especially if you are considering becoming a shedworker and want to know what's involved. Fraser at Cabin Living has some good photos of a build in Oxford at his blog (it's in various posts but just work your way down slowly and you can't miss them, both interiors and exteriors). Above, a glimpse of the not quite finished office, below the delights of electric connections. As he says:
"Most of our clients are looking for a log cabin they can use year round. Which means electrical connection and in this case a telephone and network cable also. Here we see the trench being back filled. The trench is dug to a depth of at least 450mm and the network and telephone cables are placed in conduit at least 100mm away from the amoured power cable to avoid interference with network signals. Typically 10mm armoured cable is used for power and Cat5e cable for both the telephone and network connection."

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