Saturday, November 08, 2008

Rapid Rooms

Canadian-based Sustain, who brought us the mini-home, are now bringing their work to the UK via Buildings For The Future (who claim on average it costs £15, 000 per year in overheads to employ one person in an office environment but to employ a member of staff at home is nearer £2,000). The product is called Rapid Rooms and is a 4m x 5m modular shedlike atmosphere which is aimed at residential use (it contains bathrooms, bedrooms, etc) but would be ideal for shedworking. Here's what they say: "The idea is that these rooms can be easily and quickly installed onto the backs of townhouses and terrace houses in London". Naturally they come fully insulated and with an optional solar power system for lights and appliances. Lots more pictures at the Sustain site.Via Jetson Green

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