Friday, November 28, 2008

Around the shedworld discusses the 40th anniversary of that failed shedlike atmosphere, the office cubicle... friend of Shedworking Emma Townshend is now blogging about gardens at a new address... Shedblog wonders what sort of lock you have on your shed... and points out that there's a TARDIS for sale in Wiltshire... Trendhunter has released the Small Space Lifestyle Trend Report... Treehugger is delighted by an eco-outhouse (pictured above)... web worker daily looks at how to avoid conflicts in a teleworking team... would you like to wait in this waiting room highlighted at BLDGBLOG below...Chief Home Officer advises credit crunch victims on working from home... Judit Bellostes focuses on the fertighaus, mobile house (below)...Home Office Warrior has the builders in... Enterprise Nation has the cartoonists in...

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