Thursday, November 27, 2008

Final Wooden House

The Final Wooden House by Sou Fujimoto Architects is not merely a lovely thing to look at, it's also a cracking garden officelike atmosphere.Sou Fujimoto says his aim was to create an ultimate wooden architecture using 350mm square profile cedar. Here's what he says:
"350mm square profile cedar has an amazing impact. It transcends what we usually call “wood” and becomes “an existence” of an entirely different material. While the dimensions adequately display its materiality as wood, 350mm squared is simultaneously the dimensionality directly corresponding to human body. Thus, three-dimensional space is created out of 350mm increments. This stepped space was a long fascination of mine for couple of years as its defining characteristics are the generation of a sort of spatial relativity and a new sense of various distances unachievable by coplanar floors."
Essentially, all the floors, walls, seats and ceilings are jangled up.Via Archinect where there are lots more photos by Iwan Baan


  1. I sure hope these are ends left over from some other project and not remnants of big cedar trees hacked to bits...

  2. For all his artistic justification, don't you think he was just playing with his Jenga game one day when he thought " that would make a interesting shed" ?