Sunday, November 16, 2008

Shedworker uniform

What homeworkers wear is always a constant concern of the media for some reason, but also one which is very pertinent to how we shedworkers work efficiently. Leah McLaren has a nice piece in the Globe and Mail on this subject. Here's what happened:
"I am loath to have lunch meetings (too much fuss) and Patrick has taken to calling me "the urban hick," because of my new habit of wearing rubber boots around the house instead of trainers (no more inconvenient laces)."
And here's what stylist Sarah Collins who runs an image consulting business had to say:
"Productivity and putting yourself together, do go hand and hand! Cozy, stretchy and non-restrictive yoga wear is attire to be worn for leisure, lounging and running - NOT WORK."
Well worth a browse

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