Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thursday Outhouses - a renaissance?

The Guardian reports that the outside lavatory could be making a comeback. Julie Bindel writes nostalgically of her experiences in the 1960s of her parents' outhouse and suggests that "the privy looks set for a revival among middle-class trendies, just like other original features such as sanded floorboards and open fireplaces." She includes the following case study details:
"Lisa Alabaksh has consulted architects about having a loo built in the garden of her terraced house in London. "The original was knocked down by the previous owners, but we are going to get one built in the old-fashioned style," says Alabaksh. "Living with a teenage boy makes you appreciate a spare loo, and there is nowhere to put one in the house." The joy, she says, of spending a penny while listening to birds sing, will make up for a bit of frost bite in the nether regions during the winter."
Another small victory for shedlike structures. 


  1. First sheds now backyard bogs when will these middleclass lot leave it alone ;)

  2. Next thing you know they'll be buying up beach huts for extortionate amounts of money...

  3. Outhouses are ecologically much more sensible than in-house toilets. Especially if you do away with the flushing. The refuse can be used to fertilize lands. It is a sensible practice but one that we have chosen to do away with at great environmental cost.

  4. My Lord, how can anyone do their business in an outhouse that small!
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