Thursday, June 05, 2008

Quick tips

Rachael Ross, founder of Purely Peppermint (which helps people to literally tidy up their lives and businesses) is writing a series of tips for shedworkers in The Shed magazine. Here's her latest suggestion:
"This tip is to prevent you from losing valuable business time with frequent trips back to the house. Make sure your office is set up with everything you will need for the day, including items like tea, coffee, a snack or even lunch. If at the moment forgotten items result in too many trips, then look at what items you are collecting and make sure from this point on they are accessible in your shed. It may seem like only a few minutes here or there, but your time could be used far more effectively."
You can download the latest copy of The Shed from the top of the right hand column or email me and we'll whizz one off to you for free.


  1. Great advice. I will set up a mini bar in mine! Maybe even some tea/coffee facilities. Ta

  2. Sounds like simple common sense to me, but these days sense isn't as common as it once was!
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