Monday, June 02, 2008

The Shack - Mottistone Manor

Publishing guru and friend of Shedworking Scott Pack writes to share a recent holiday find, The Shack, an unusual example of Modern Movement design:
"We discovered this wonderful gem while wandering the grounds of Mottistone Manor Gardens on the Isle of Wight last week. It was created by the architects Seely & Paget in the 1930s and is a beautifully self-contained shed office. It houses two desks, two armchairs, a fireplace, bookshelves, a sink with running water, a bunk bed and loo. I sat on a chair reading some of the old Penguins I'd just bought while my son, Ethan, completed his wordsearch at the desk. We could have stayed there all day. We took lots of pictures so that we could recreate it when a rich relative dies and leaves us loads of money."
The Shack was originally built and housed in Freshwater elsewhere on the island and moved to Mottistone in 1938.


  1. Hi Alex,

    This is a great blog! I've always wished I had a garden with a shed at the bottom that I could work in...
    I hope you don't mind if I add a link to your blog from my site.
    Congrats on being blog of note.

  2. Anonymous1:56 PM

    We lived here for two months in 1985, we were the 'Orstralian' (Australian) gardeners for Sir John and Lady Nicholson. Very happy memories of our 'Mushroom House' as we affectionately called it

    Robyn and David

  3. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Came across old photos of our 6 month stay in "the Shack" in 1981 helping Sir John and Lady Nicholson in the garden. This sent me on a search on the net to see what it looks like now, some 31 years later. Fantastic to see Lady Nicholson's vision for the garden coming to fruition. One fond memory ... there are many... when we arrived and began work, we asked for a wheelbarrow to pick up the weeds (thats what we use in Australia) and out came a motorised mower with a little trailer connected.... our wheelbarrow! Most civilized. We used to give the grandchildren rides around the garden in it. Several years later our friends Robyn & David also spent a few months continuing the Australian presence in the garden.

    Robyne Greer